Guar Gum using G.M.P has been recognized as direct food additives by WHO/FAO/FDA/ regulations. We pride with our “Adicol”, using G.M.P. and not genetically modified, is a food grade.

Food industry uses it, being versatile and consistent in quality, widely in bakery products, ice creams, pudding, noodles, frozen food, baby-food, vital fiber-food, instant-mixes, sauce-soups, pet-food etc.
To use its one or more combined properties as to viscosifying, binding, texture, stabilizing, thickening, gelling, inflating, suspending agent etc.

Apart from the food, pharma, textile, cosmetic, deep-drilling, explosives, paper, tanneries are some of the industries, which find application of guar gum either in a neutral or derivatized form.
More and more new applications are being found of this wonder powder and “ADICOL” is one, which has always proved its product applications value in all segments. Now a day, industry has been working upon to use it as an enzyme tool.
“ADICOL” provides various products with different particles fineness, viscosity, microbiological purities and content structure to meet the requirement of application industries.

User Industries
  • Bakers use it to increase the shelf life, bring texture and mouthfeel, inflate the volume and as emulsifier.
  • Enhance the fiber properties of the processed food.
  • Ice cream finds good thickener, viscous and stabilizer in guar gum.
  • It is used to film-forming/coating and glazing the end product.
  • Textile industry uses it in printing as binder and also as sizing agent to give strength to yarn/fabric.
  • Paper uses it to bring glaze, strength and stretch.
  • It is good viscous, for deep drilling in oil exploration.
  • Cosmetic manufactures find, it as a good gelling and binding agent.
  • Pharmaceutical industry uses it in endless products to make use one or more properties of it.
Our techno-application team may be contacted for more details as to its properties and applications.