This policy has been in compliance of clause 49 (II) (B) (7) of listing agreement. This policy will lead the independent Directors to go through the working of the company. They will get more refined knowledge about process, strategies, future planes, vision, and mission of the company.



  • The board will send a monthly statement on the affairs of the company for Independent Directors, this will make them able to know what is going on in the company.
  • The Board will arrange presentations on the processes, strategy, business model, operations, service and product offerings, markets, organization structure, finance, human resources, technology, quality, facilities and risk management and such other areas as may arise from time to time and discuss it in the Board Meeting, so the Independent Director can directly be in touch with the executive directors and discuss the matter thereto.
  • The Company will arrange a meeting for all Independent Director once in a month where they interact with the Head of Departments and get deep knowledge of working of each department.
  • A detailed Appointment Letter incorporating the role, duties and responsibilities, remuneration and performance evaluation process, insurance cover, Tata Code of Conduct and obligations on disclosures, is issued for the acceptance of the Independent Directors.
  • When a new Independent Director comes on the Board of the Company, a meeting is arranged with the Managing Director to discuss the functioning of the Board and the nature of the operation of the Company’s business activities.
  • The Company will provide a complete visit of the entire factory to the Independent Director for giving an overview of the manufacturing process of the product. By this they will be able to know the procedure of manufacturing the product in dept.